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Nisar Spinning Mills (Pvt.) Limited “NSM” is the company of ATS Group.   It was incorporated in 2005. It is one of the most modern spinning mills, manufacturing of cotton yarn integrated textile companies in Pakistan. NSM has two spinning units of 52,800 spindles and Power Generation facilities with capacity of 15 MW. Product range of cotton yarn 8/s to 60/s.  The company’s total export for the year 2022 was Rs. 1,492.67 million (US$ 8.511 million).  NSM is principally engages in manufacturing and sales of yarn. We translate conceptual ideas of our customers into reality and shape them through our technical bent and professional acumen.   The team of NSM strongly believes that Customer satisfaction is the essence of business today. NSM has latest technology with expertise, products with knowledge and most importantly the right mindset to achieve total customer satisfaction.


Nisar Spinning is always open for strategic alliance and long term relationships (Core Concept).

We at Nisar Spinning believe in passing the benefit of less cost to our buyers instead of increasing our own-heads, however there is no compromise on quality of product or service.

The Spinning facility of ATS Group consist  of two units with capacity of 52,800 spindles, count ranging Ne 8/S to Ne 60/S.The consistent and top quality is maintained by making use of the selection of raw cotton cycle with all production steps checked by in house laboratories in all respective units.

For further control of contamination in spinning, device like Vision Shield at blow room stage and Uster Quantum at auto-cone have been installed.

Why Super Nisar / NGW Cotton Yarn

  • Using the chart below, you can compare fifteen common yarn types based on their fiber type, materials, and description. Warm, affordable, and versatile yarn found almost everywhere. Silky and super soft animal fiber that’s a little more expensive than sheep’s wool. Lightweight but highly-insulating and luxurious yarn.
  • Organic plant-based fibers such as cotton and silk aren’t as warm as animal-based alternatives, they’re often more breathable, absorbent, and non-allergenic. Here’s a list of common natural yarn types and their pros and cons: Drops Merino Wool Yarn (Credit: Wool Warehouse). Wool is the most common yarn fiber for knitting.
  • Wool is most commonly blended with cotton. Though these are the most common wool yarn types, there are many more types of sheep’s wool used in knitting. Lamb’s wool, for example, comes from the first shearing of a young sheep.

Important facts & Figures

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Certified by organic cotton (GOTS), ISO, COM4 and Usterized

Employee Turnover = 3%

Employee = 1,100

Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Strict quality control

Fair dealing

Satisfied buyers

Customer pre & post services

Commitment fulfilment

Employee welfare & motivation

Competitive prices

Updated technology

Carded Cotton Yarn

Ne 6/1 – 30/1

Slub Yarn

Ne 8/1 – 30/1

Combed Cotton Yarn

Ne 12/1 – 120/1

Compact Yarn

Ne 8/1 – 120/1

Core-Spun Stretch yarn

Ne 10/1 – 40/1

Specialized Yarn

Made to Order

Specialized Yarn Made To Order







The nisar Spinning uses lots of cottons as well as per increasing demand of 100% contamination free yarn from white dyeing guarantee. For this purpose mainly these cotton are used.

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